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Smart Cable

  1. Please check if the cable is compatible with the mobile phone and blood glucose meter model. Check compatibility (hyperlink to the compatibility page )
  2. Please carefully follow the steps given by the App when synchronizing
  3. For iPhone users, please check if the headphone setting is set to its default value. If not, please select Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings
  4. For some Android phone users (example: OPPO), please check if the OTG setting is enabled. Enable it if it's not
  5. If all of the above did not solve your problem, please e-mail to to enquire

Using the App

Set the search range to "iPhone only".
iOS users will receive an alert message on their first usage. Launch the "Heath" App and tap "Source"; then select the items to be synchronized.
On the top-right corner of the "Partners" function, select "New Partner" and then add by scanning the QR Code. Please also note that the "Invite Code" function allows you to join a medical institution's care platform. Please consult your medical institution if you are interested.
App users may use the "PDF/Excel report" under "More" to export the data to PDF or excel file and send it to your personal e-mail. You may then open it on your computer and print it out. Please note that the maximum date range is three months (meaning the date range between the earliest and latest date selected cannot exceed three months).
The App only displays records up to the last three months. To view earlier records, please use the export function.
On the registration page, tap "Forgot your password?" and enter the e-mail that you used for registration. The system will send a change password e-mail to your e-mail account.
Go to the partner list and select the Health2Sync partner. Next, tap on the arrow at the top-right corner, then tap on notifications and disable the reminder function.
Go to the partner list and select the partner whose settings you wish to change. Next, tap the top-right arrow button, then select Notifications to turn off the function.
Go to Diary and select the diary to change or delete it. Please note that if you're syncing the data via the Smart Cable, the blood glucose readings cannot be further modified.


The objective of Health2Sync Mobile App is to provide diabetics with a convenient recording tool and to obtain feedback based on the data. It does not provide any blood glucose measuring function. If measurement of blood glucose is required, you are advised to purchase a blood glucose meter from a pharmacy or medical equipment store, or consult professional medical personnel.

To learn more about how to use Health2Sync Mobile App, please refer to our Health2Sync Mobile App User Guide