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Launch the Platform in an Instant
No software installation required. Open the browser and log in with your dedicated account, and you're ready to start providing a new caregiving experience!
Keeping Track of Patient Status
Through personalized settings, the platform can help you prioritize cases and utilize your time more efficiently.
View Case Information
Information (e.g., data, food intake, medicine, etc.) recorded by the patient through the Health2Sync Mobile App will be in sync with the Patient Management Platform, so you'll be able to grasp patient status quickly and swiftly identify issues that need attention.
The platform transforms the patient data into various charts, and helps you in reviewing whether the data logged (e.g., blood glucose, blood pressure and weight) are within the set target range. It can also analyze the trend over different time periods to help you get a hold of the patient status.
Communicate and Interact
You can send messages from the platform, provide guidance and encouragements, and improve the communication quality and efficiency with your patients.
Target Setting
Target setting helps guide the patient towards better control. You can remotely change your patient's setting (e.g., target blood glucose value or measurement plan reminder, etc.) via the Patient Management Platform, and assist the patient in working towards better glucose control.

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